Mr. Anthony Evetts

Hello. I am 

Anthony Evetts

I am the Visual Arts instructor here at Sesser-Valier junior high and high school.  We offer a variety of Art classes here in our district including Art I - IV, Art Appreciation, Digital Photography and Graphic Design.  We will be updating our page periodically so please check back for information about class activities and art related events in our school and throughout Southern Illinois.

I have wanted to pursue a career in Art Education since I was junior high thanks to a wonderful Art teacher that inspired me in many ways.  It is my belief that teachers play a crucial in the development of young minds.  Being able to express oneself in a visual medium is a unique ability that a lot of students don't even realize they have.  I always tell me students that I do not want them to learn only technical skills but creative skills as well.  

We try to keep our walls filled with artwork here at SV.  We also hope to have an online gallery of student work up and running shortly.  

In nearly 19 years of teaching, I have seen artistic talent help many of my students receive scholarships and recognition they probably didn't dream was possible. Please encourage our students to develop their unique talents as they make their way through school and into being young adults. One never knows where a unique ability might take them if their desire to work hard and achieve a dream is there.

Contact info:  If you have any questions or concerns, the quickest way to alert me is through email [email protected] Please leave me an email or phone number and I will get back to you ASAP. The best time to reach me by phone is between 12:15 and 1:15 daily and between 3:10 and 3:30 at 618-625-5105 Ext. 229.