Mr. Chip Basso

[email protected]
618-625-5105 ext 116

Classroom Rules


  1. Always respect others in my classroom.  Disrespect towards any student or myself will not be tolerated. 
  2. Do not disrupt class.  Anyone who interferes with the learning process will be removed from class.
  3. Always bring your materials to class.  They will include:
    • Pen or Pencil
    • Notebook
    • Assignments for class
    • Planner
    • Textbook
  4. Homework and other assignments are due when they are collected.  No late work will be accepted unless you have an excused absence.
  5. You are responsible to check with me to get assignments that your have missed.  I will not track you down. 
  6. Tests must be made up within 3 days of an excused absence.  See me when you return to set up a time.  Tests not made up within set limits will be counted as zeroes. 
  7. Be in the classroom by the second bell.  Remember, 3 tardies in a term equals a detention. 

All handbook rules will also apply to this classroom. 


  • $25 lab fee must be paid in the office before behind the wheel instruction begins.  This should be done immediately. 

  • $20 fee for the instruction permit.  (make checks to Illinois Secretary of State).  I will let you know when this needs to be paid.